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The project's goal: to show by my own example how quickly to lose weight and keep it off forever, how to get back into the fine physical shape, how to keep health and beauty to 120 years.

How I used to look on May 28th, 2009
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4 August 2009
How I used to look on August 28th, 2009
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4 November 2009

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August 27th, 2009

Since time I bought a blender, I am constantly doing natural fresh juices, using papaya, passion fruit, guava and other exotic fruits – this is what I have now at hand, because I live in a tropical country. So, do not copy me – use those fruits that are in your area of residence.

Today I have decided to look for information about what juices are useful. I found that cherry juice, which I occasionally did for the last 10 days , is useful for people involved in sports: special studies conducted by American scientists, which found that cherry juice significantly reduces muscle soreness during training, and also protects them from damage. So for anyone who wants to go jogging — I recommend to drink a cherry juice. 1 glass per day.

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