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The project's goal: to show by my own example how quickly to lose weight and keep it off forever, how to get back into the fine physical shape, how to keep health and beauty to 120 years.

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4 August 2009
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4 November 2009

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September 7th, 2009

Photо: Beautiful Neck

Human neck aging before face. Neck muscles begin to weaken without constant training by the 25 years. This is due to the fact that the neck skin is much thinner than it is on the face, and adipose tissue is virtually absent. Therefore, there are very few sebaceous glands, discharge from which protects the skin from harmful environmental factors, and blood circulates worse, which inevitably leads to poor nutrition of the skin, dryness and rapid aging.

Therefore, if you want to maintain the beauty of the neck and do not want to give out your age, you should take care of your neck systematically. And it’s better to start doing this in advance, from 25 years, but not when the neck skin is losing its elasticity, resiliency, appeared wrinkles and folds, formed a double chin, but much earlier before that. But, if you woke up, when the neck is already beginning to lose its divine form – it is still not too late to take care of the neck. Especially because this process does not take much time and effort, and brings a striking effect.

Care neck should include: the acquisition of healthy habits, daily and weekly outer neck skin care and daily exercises for the muscles of the neck – a holistic approach to care of the neck will not only help to keep your skin fresh and supple, but also to avoid the appearance of folds and form a second chin. Read the rest of this entry »

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