How to Lose Weight in Three Months and Keep it Off Forever!

The project's goal: to show by my own example how quickly to lose weight and keep it off forever, how to get back into the fine physical shape, how to keep health and beauty to 120 years.

How I used to look on May 28th, 2009
On the Start:
4 August 2009
How I used to look on August 28th, 2009
First Step:
4 November 2009

August 4th, 2009


The idea of this project came to me at the moment, when I was dressing for an important business meeting and took my favorite pants, stored in the enclosure depth of the cupboard, and found that I could not put them on. It seems only recently they literally fell off of me. Oh, and I’m not right… All of continuously emerging excuses and reasons (which each of us can come up with – just give us a freedom), I did not notice that it had flown six months since the last time I ran.

The saddest thing is that it was not the first attempt in the fight for a slimmer figure. How many times I started to live a healthy lifestyle, achieved success and then at some point by making small concessions (why do need to do anything when you have already a fine shape — you can afford to get a little lazy) — will eventually come back to the point from where I started. The most lasting success is when I was running, swimming and doing yoga without interruption throughout the year. How wonderful I felt then! But then I changed the country of living and all of this fuss (oh, we will always find excuses if we want) — I didn’t notice when the old habits returned.

I have learned only one thing from this long struggle — if you really want, you can always find ways to change your life for the better: for to do this you have to simply set a goal, find the right motivation, starts to look after yourself and forget about those who can laugh at you while you pursue your goal. Without this formula, it has always been a reason to do nothing. It is not worth to wait for the time when you will be able to move to live on a tropical island, where the sea close to your home, or when you will get sport equipment for two exercises in the comfort of your home, or other idyllic conditions, which might help you to start to keep your health. This will never work. From my own experience I know that even under the most ideal conditions – there is always exercise hidden under the specious “circumstances”.

For example, I remember a time when I was working hard and I was lost in the office from early morning to nine or ten hours of the evening — in to come home only to sleep. The funny thing is that a few months later, I have found the motivation to lose weight and regain a good physical shape — and I found that in the evening, when the dark comes down, is an excellent time to run: fresh air and less attention from people (oh, yes… before I complexes about it too). After some time I found a way to swim after the run. From such exercises I have gain so much energy that I returned at home with no crumbling to pieces, but boiling with energy. Then I discovered that I can take breeze walk to the office (about an hour), which is great for to burn calories. In general, under any circumstances you can find opportunities. It is best not to wait for the perfect moment and start doing right now. Start small and step by step to achieve our goal.

And then what? I think that was it — I felt the reason why I came back to where I began: improper motivation and lack of reflection about what will be after the goal is achieved. It is only one thing to dream about how to climb the Everest and the other is to keep in mind how to go down safely from the mountain after. It is good to lose weight, but what about how to save your health and be in good physical shape for long years?

Generally, it is necessary to watch myself. While you are looking at yourself in the mirror or someone is watching you then your back straightens automatically by itself. With that goal I have created this journal. I set myself a goal and for to be difficult to refuse it, I declare my goals publicly:

  1. Lose weight in three months so that I will pleasant to see myself.
    Do not ask me how many pounds I have to lose, because the man with the muscles can weight heavier than people swelled with fat — just look at the first picture at the top of the blog (that’s me at the time of launch: breast – 102 cm , waist – 82 cm, hips – 110 cm). Please note that even though I want to lose weight, but do not aspire to become one of the bony hudyshek that are now advertised in Hollywood. With my constitution it is not possible to achieve without permanent staining myself to death, and for me it is worse then gluttony and biggest stress for the body, which can lead to disruption of its normal work (it is no surprise that many movie stars are sitting on hunger strikes and then can’t give a birth to a child).

    I aspire to banish excess of weight without harming my health. Therefore, all new habits and changes will be incorporated gradually. First of all, I will undertake aerobic exercises (walking, running, swimming, biking, etc.), which are very well burn fat. At the same time I will try to go to a healthy diet: eat plenty fresh fruits and vegetables, not giving up on meat, because it has a lot of useful elements to the body. Exclude from the food all that is done by people and bad for the health: ketchup, sausages, mayonnaise , biscuits, cakes, etc. Try to completely abandon the salt.

    Term to November 4, 2009: results of the first phase.

  2. Build muscle.
    When the extra pounds will be gone already to do work of sculptor and grind my body.

    Duration: no limit for the perfection.

  3. Maintain good physical shape, beauty and health to 120 years.

If there are new goals – I will write them down here.

The main and short-term goals at the moment:

  1. Learn all about pregnancy and childbirth.
  2. Prepare for maternity and child care (before December 2010).

In the journal I will constantly publish notes on my progress and new findings that will help me to achieve success. I am not in any way claim to be «gurus», I just listen to my body and share experiences. And I propose you to join me in this experiment «How to Lose Weight in Three Months and Keep it Off Forever!» and to achieve perfect shape. Or share secrets of your achieved goal.

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