How to Lose Weight in Three Months and Keep it Off Forever!

The project's goal: to show by my own example how quickly to lose weight and keep it off forever, how to get back into the fine physical shape, how to keep health and beauty to 120 years.

How I used to look on May 28th, 2009
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4 August 2009
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4 November 2009

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September 14th, 2009

After four days of rest from workouts it was surprisingly easy to run. Perhaps my body just needed this respite. But I do not repeat this again. I do not think that the results in losing weight will be very significant this week.

Results for today:
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September 13th, 2009

Rest for 4 days
This weekend I had an important business meeting to which it was necessary to prepare thoroughly. For to be on top and get everything done – I took a rest for four days of aerobic training. Eating was the same as in previous days.

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September 9th, 2009

In previous weeks of my weight loss, I only ran five days a week and two days of rest. Last week, I was forced to miss two working days of the day, so this weekend I was running. Today was the sixth day of my runs and I observed duality of my body: on the one hand to the time when I usually run, my body has already been configured to run, on the other hand — I felt incredible fatigue. I still did not miss a workout, but I performed additional exercises on my last breath. I think tomorrow to give the rest day to my body for recuperate.

Additionally today at bedtime I was being attacked by thoughts of eating and wanted badly to overeat with something bad: steak with blood or hot cabbage dumplings with sour cream and sunflower oil… it just shocking! But I withstand and did not overeat this night. Instead of supper I ate just fruits. Apparently, my body is hinting that it’s time to feed it a little bit of meat.

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September 8th, 2009

I didn’t even have a time for to blink the eye, it is time to summarize results for fifth week of my weight loss! I do not even believe in that I’ve been doing it so long. And it seems that it is nothing complicated yet, but the effect is noticeable! The gradual introduction of new healthy habits — was right decision for me. No languishing muscle pain or immeasurable fatigue! If I was trying everything at once to do — I would feel all these pleasures in my own skin and would have abandoned the idea of losing weight and staying healthy.

Results of the five weeks of work on myself:

  • Length of runs: 42-43 minutes.
  • I increased the number of executions of additional exercises: side bends (40 times each) , turning the upper body (40 times in each direction) , the rotation of the shoulders (30 times forward and 30 times back), move legs to the side (30 times each), back and forth (30 times), squats on chair (30 times).
  • I introduced additional exercises for the neck (5 times).
  • This week I changed my diet a little bit: reduced consumption of eggs and meat, at the evening instead of a hearty dinner I dispensed only with fruits and juices.
  • Today I have the following parameters: breast size — 94 cm, waist – 73 cm, hips – 103, ie compared with the previous week, I dropped by 2 centimeters at the hips and chest, although after the first week it was steadily decreased only 1 cm. Probably it is results of the increasing a jogging time and the number of additional exercises.

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